Tenant Check List


Moving in


Holding deposit –

  • In order to secure the property after viewing, you must put down 1 weeks rent immediately. After this, we are then able to take the property offline and begin the referencing process- which is all carried out online.
  • Once all referencing is completed, you will have up until 7 days before the moving in date to make the remainder of the payments including deposit and one month of rent in advance.
  • You will not receive the keys for the property until all payments have been made and contracts have been finalised and signed.
  • Deposits are registered throughout the mydeposit scheme custodial, details of which can be found via the following link– https://www.mydeposits.co.uk/
  • If the owner requests for an inventory these will be booked in, however it is not common


During tenancy:

  • It is vital that throughout your tenancy you report any issues regarding the property. This allows for the owner to make changes and alterations where necessary and also ensures that issues do not worsen.
  • Throughout your tenancy Cubix will do regular routine checks on the property to ensure that everything is in order, and you will receive 24 hours written notice prior to any checks.


Moving out


  • The last day of your contract is the day before your rental payment date, and is the day you will be expected to check out. For example, should you pay rent on the 15th of each month, your last date in the property will be the 14th of the month and you will be expected to have checked out by 3pm on this date.
  • On this date, you must move out entirely and confirm that you have either left the keys within the property, or alternatively that you have dropped them back to the Cubix office.
  • If you do not return the keys in time, nor confirm that you have left them in the property, you will be charged for a change of locks
  • On leaving the property, it must be left in the same condition as when you moved in; including ensuring the property has had a professional end of tenancy clean.
  • In addition to cleaning, if your property has a garden or outside area, all maintenance must be taken care of before you move out.
  • In order to prepare for the moving out process, you have the option to request a member of staff from Cubix to come and do a walk around with you.
  • All deposits are aimed to be returned within 10 days of moving out. However, if there are damages to the property this will be subject to change.

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