What’s My Home Worth?

The best way to find out what your home is worth is to arrange a valuation with one of our property experts.

The London property market changes rapidly, therefore it can be difficult to predict where it may be in three, six or twelve months’ time.

A great estate agent, who has a leading market share, can make a big difference when getting your property sold or let at the best price and within the timeframe that suits you. With an understanding of the fine details of an area and the local property market, they are in a good position to predict the short to medium term market direction.

As estate agents, our opinion will be formed from experience at the very front-line, i.e. from what the public are willing to offer today and the general level of new interest they are registering to start their property search; all of which helps formulate our views on demand. We then need to balance that carefully alongside supply, i.e. how much property is coming to the market and the time of year. Only when you have an understanding of both can you make a well informed decision on the correct pricing for today’s market; a large market share is critical to form this opinion with any degree of accuracy.

So, with that in mind, I would advise anyone thinking of selling or letting their property to listen very carefully to what one of our agents has to say. To go against this opinion could place you behind today’s curve and potentially mean that you then chase the market the wrong way to catch up.

If you would like to arrange a valuation with one of our property experts, please complete our request form below.

*Please note that you are under no obligation to do this at this time.


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