COVID-19 Step-by-Step guide

To Tenants:

  1. If you are suffering a loss of earnings or worried about job security, please gather evidence highlighting your new situation. Evidence could include:
      • Proof of job loss
      • Proof of loss of income
      • 3 months worth of bank statements
  2. If you share the property with other tenants, please discuss your situation openly to understand if any other tenant/s may be experiencing a similar situation.
  3. Please email [email protected] (just you if you are the only person experiencing issues or as a group if you have other tenants in the same property experiencing similar issues). Attach all evidence of your new situation including proof of loss of income.
  4. The Cubix Estate Agents team will handle all correspondence with the landlord and respond to you with a payment management plan. Please note, all requests will be dealt with on a case by case basis.

Are you living in Southwark?
Please click here to view Southwark council information page for emergency funding support.

If you are not living in the Southwark area, please search your local council government website to see what help may be available.

To Landlords:

Due to a rapidly changing situation, we are experiencing high volumes of calls and emails. A member of our team will contact you only if there has been a change to your tenant’s situation. We will either call you or email you to discuss this. Please do not contact Cubix Estate Agents to check or inquire about your tenants’ situations because if you have not heard from us, nothing has changed – no news is good news.

To Everyone:

We wish everyone health and safety during this difficult and uncertain time. At Cubix, we are dedicated to helping you through any concerns or issues you may come across. Adjusting can be hard but rest assured, we are all in this together so please feel free to contact us at any time – we will still be operating 7 days a week.

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