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Interested in buying to let? Looking to expand your property portfolio? Cubix offer exclusive market advice and guidance to help you achieve your goals.

Buying To Let

The number of homeowners we’ve helped to secure a second home or add an additional property to their expanding portfolio is a testament to our unparalleled local knowledge and close relationships with our communities. Property is still considered one of the more reliable forms of investment over the longer term and faith in the market continues to grow, especially in London. More homeowners are realising the lucrative nature of buying a second home, whether it’s a city pad, rental opportunity, ideal timing for a long term investment in an emerging market or a lifelong dream to restore a period building.

Know Your Figures

Whatever the reason for your investment, it pays to be properly informed to determine the type of return you can expect in any given period. There’s no substitute for an established estate agent operating in your proposed area, whose advice will prove invaluable when checking property prices and rental yields. Cubix staff can provide unrivalled insight into areas of interest and where other investors are buying low to sell high in the future, so you can enjoy the benefits of a good investment.

Established Market vs. Emerging Market

The type of investor you are will determine whether you buy into an established market or one that is on course to become established within the next few years. Buying a property in an established area is likely to carry less risk, as the main factors which contribute to a good investment have already been set in place. Established areas are likely to experience high demand from overseas investors, as they are often seen as the safest option. When it comes to buying, a key thing to remember is that while “timing is everything, good timing is rare”.

For long-term investors, an emerging market is an exciting prospect as their property could double or triple in value in the right area over time. Consequently, it pays to speak to a respected estate agent who has good relationships with house builders and local communities in your proposed areas. Cubix staff can discuss with you how to select an area, as well as informing you of recognised indicators of regeneration, such as public transport links due to be upgraded or installed, or national retailers due to open nearby. We know that by the time developers’ boards go up and construction work starts you’ve missed the boat for the best return in that particular location, but we can advise on areas nearby that will experience the next wave of opportunity for investors.

Word of Advice

When considering potential properties, it’s always better to do so with a commercial head over letting your heart strings formulate the basis of your choice. The suitable buy to let property could well be different to your personal chosen criteria. Most important factors are: location and ease to public transport, and the general condition of the property.

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